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Your Business Needs A Boost? 

h-hotelier s.a.r.l. is a Hospitality and Tourism Services company offering hospitality consultancy, business intelligence and hotel distribution applications to international hospitality firms.
h-hotelier brings together talented professionals in the tourism industry to help your company streamline its processes to enhance its profitability and improve its overall performance and presence online and offline.




SERGE chamelian

Serge Chamelian started his Hospitality Management specialization in Switzerland. After holding several managerial roles in the Swiss Hospitality Industry, Serge acquired his MBA degree from IMHI (ESSEC-Cornell), France.

  • In 2004, Serge joined Optims-France, the Leading Revenue Management and Distribution Company, where he was in charge of the Consulting department, responsible for evaluating and assessing Revenue Management (RM) and Pricing needs for large corporate clients, and for the training and education in RM for the tourism sectors such as hotels, ferries, and rails.

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Rania el haddad

Rania El Haddad is an accomplished hospitality industry professional, experienced in Revenue Management and Customer Relationship Management.

She holds a PhD from the University of Surrey - UK, a MBA in International Hospitality Management from IMHI (ESSEC-Cornell) - France, and a BA from 'Les Roches Hotel Management' - Switzerland. Rania worked for several hospitality companies including Four Seasons, Kempinski, Westin of Starwood, and
InterContinental Hotels.

Rania joined h-hotelier to enpower the R&D department.



Graduated from Cornell & Essec with an MBA degree, he worked for Optims and Amadeus and has more than 15 years of experience in revenue management and data mining/manipulation. Although his skill set is vast in this area, his greatest expertise revolve around process automation and developments for revenue management.


You Can Trust Our Experience

To be successful, hoteliers need to embrace new technologies so they can sell their inventory through the most profitable distribution channels to a global audience. Each hotel has an optimal channel mix, and when a hotel is trying to achieve its highest occupancy at the highest rates, it has to be present where the bookings are. H-hotelier can put your hotel in touch with the world through five primary distribution channels:

- Global Distribution System (GDS) connectivity
- Booking Engine
- Hotel and Branded Websites
- Direct Connect for the Online travel agencies (OTA)
- Central reservation system


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