Simulation Game:


h-hotelier in collaboration with REDGlobal Group LLC offers hospitality professionnals and students an opportunity to manage a hotel from the GM’s chair or the corporate office and to fully grasp the total hotel picture via an online simulation platform.

The tool provides skills and outlooks that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the user while at the same time preparing them for broader responsibilities.  

This is an opportunity to sharpen three main skills:

  • - Selling rooms smarter
  • - Driving short- and long-term profitability
  • - Maximizing ROI by combining innovative market analysis, best practices, and financial savvy.


  • It cuts through the tangle of Revenue Management with step-by-step methods for turning data into good decisions. And it provides the opportunity to apply these skills in a real-to-life computer-based simulation.







Learning Outcomes

The user will strengthen management skills in:

  • - Targeting and implementing priorities that drive business results;
  • - Using financial statements for critical decision making;
  • - Driving revenue by aligning the hotel to the market positioning statement;
  • - Implementing strong revenue management fundamentals;
  • - Creating timely and cost-effective sales programs;
  • - Analyzing the market and financial feasibility of revenue-producing investments;
  • - Using a “total hotel-cross functional” lens to more effectively implement business decisions.





Achievement focused and competency based learning. Individuals or teams operate as member of the hotels executive committee with a leading focus on revenue optimization. Hotels compete with each other in real time and within the realistic market dynamics of a competitive set of hotels. As in a real market, the competitive strategies and decisions of each hotel affect both its results and the results of all of the other hotels in the competitive set. A hotel’s market share, revenue share, and financial results depend on its ability to construct, promote, and deliver a competitive price/value proposition to the market.

h-hotelier s.a.r.l. with REDGlobal LLC provides a certification for clients enrolled in this program. This certification is appropriate for, but not limited to, a Managing Director, Asset Manager, General Manager, Vice President or Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Operations Department Head, Sales Manager, Convention Services Manager, Account Executive, Director of Revenue Management or Revenue Manager.