Code of Ethics 

h-hotelier offers your company a thourough assessment of its current processes and provides you with best practices to help you achieve the desired productivity, effectiveness and profitability within your company.
These best practices include the following services:


Main Services 

h-hotelier delivers tailored Revenue Management Consultancy to hotels, restaurants and conference centers.

  • h-hotelier consultants aim at building a yield management culture by providing hotel teams with means to master:
  • •Inventory Management
  • •Pricing
  • •Rate management
  • •Guest value evaluation
  • •Segment definition
  • •Yield Management concepts

•Operational Strategy

The department heads, hotel team and General Manager will be able to make to make sounder decisions for the present and anticipate for the future.



How economically feasible is your proposed project?

h-hotelier and its team of expert consultants perform a market study to compare the total project cost with the estimated economic value to identify the feasibility of the proposed project.

h-hotelier certifies tourism and hospitality companies with a strong basis for deciding to develop, invest, or finance a proposed project. The study looks broadly at the following:

  • • Market and its demand
  • • Position of your company
  • • Detailed projection of your company’s operation and performance (operating revenues and expenses)
  • • Scale / positioning of your company
  • • Brand suitability
  • • Location appropriateness

• Economic viability to justify the investment

Operations manual are essential in assisting you improve inductive and continious training, supervision of daily employee performance, while lowering operational costs.

Policies and Procedures manuals are also a vital component in the process of numerous quality certifications.
h-hotelier creates manuals based on the unrivalled expertise that we have acquired over the years. Our consultants gather detailed information about your operation to produce the optimum operations manual.

The Operation Manuals contain procedures and instructions with respect to your operation as this is necessary to ensure the safe consuct of operations.

Consultancy Business Services: 

Franchise Assessment 

Have you ever thought of franchising your business?

Or start your own franchise company?

h-hotelier and its team of expert consultants are glad to show you the best and most efficient way to proceed from the initial planning and forecasting, the marketing and sale of franchises, the services provided to franchisees, and the many other elements that determine success in franchising.

Moreover, h-hotelier’s team is experienced at understanding your goals, assessing your business concept, identifying and evaluating your problems, and most importantly, offering recommendations as to how to deal with these problems.

The goal of h-hotelier is to combine your knowledge of your business and our expertise in franchising in order to guide you through the entire process of franchising. h-hotelier assists tourism and hospitality companies with various aspects of their franchise development objectives: in achieving their investment ambitions by owning and operating a franchise business; in providing information on selecting opportunities, franchises for sale, and franchising tips through the provision of a manual; and in improving their operations in order to achieve shareholder objectives.