Aparthotels have been
a popular source of accommodation option among business and leisure customers in cities across Asia Pacific, the Americas
and recently in Europe. In recent years, the trend has spread throughout the ME, particularly into Dubai and Beirut. Serge Chamelian, managing partner of h-hotelier applies a case study approach to discuss the multiple facets of this phenomenon...

Hospitality News Magazine issue 108, October/November 2016

Franchise Software for hotels

Nowadays food franchise owners have an excess of technology franchise tools at their disposal, in order to assist in shaping the way business performed. Serge Chamelian, Joe Balian and Dr Rania El Haddad tackle franchising by combining three different perspective.


Despite the growth of online distribution channels in tourism, many hotels still
do not fully exploit their
own websites as a tool for selling hotel rooms directly and gaining a competitive advantage. Serge Chamelian, managing partner of h-hotelier, explains

Hospitality News Magazine issue 106, June/July 2016

ehotelier published on July 12 2016


Serge Chamelian, managing partner of h-hotelier, pinpoints two emerging and advanced technology trends for the hotel sector, that are bringing about unprecedented and irreversible change to the hospitality industry ....


scent marketing: HAPPIER CUSTOMERS

Welcome customers with the inviting aroma of freshly baked cookies; attract shoppers with the fresh, clean scent of citrus; soothe patients with a hint of lavender...

Scent can play a subtle, yet signi cant role in transforming perceptions and completing an experience for maximum e ect.


DATA mining and analytics

The hospitality industry is known as a highly customer- centered business and accumulates large amounts of customer data from central reservation systems (CRS), property management system (PMS), point-of-sale (POS), and guest loyalty program databases....


driving bookings through social media

Being present on social media sites is a given. Each platform has its own characteristics, driving and targeting various consumer segments....

changing consumer habits in restaurants

n December 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US unveiled a list of new rules that will require chain restaurants to post calorie counts for the food they sell. A couple of month ago we launched a survey nationwide analyzing these new rules....

the age of technology

The entire hospitality industry is going mobile, with the technologies that effectively engage customers having a positive impact on businesses. Serge Chamelian, H-Hotelier managing director explains....

Reputation Management its impact of hotel revenue, Part I

Serge Chamelian, H-Hotelier managing director provides a definition of the actual concept of Reputation Management in this two-part report and explains its importance for the hotel sector....

ehotelier published on 04/09/2014

Hotel and Restaurant Technologies

The majority of the restaurant industry is struggling to figure out how to leverage innovative technologies to enhance their operations and to meet customer reliance
on new technology − in every aspect of their lives...

A closer look at technology in hotels

Hospitality News Magazine issue 100, June 2015 - Being present on social media sites is a given. Each platform has its own characteristics, driving and targeting various consumer segments....

RevPAR, GOPPAR, ProfPAR: Which Is A KEY Metric?

Everyone has heard of RevPAR and its importance to the hotel industry, but is it still the preeminent measurement tool to assess financial performance of hotels?

QR Code - A new Marketing Tool for the Hospitality Industry

Over the last five years, the hotel and travel industry has concentrated its attention on social media to promote brands and stay competitive in the market to meet the needs of modern wired travelers. The latter....

ehotelier published on 31/11/2012

Emerging Media in Hospitality Marketing Mix

Mobile services seem to be a clear choice for travel and tourism as the travelers are on the move. The travel and tourism industry, one of the largest and most rapidly expanding industries in the world and one of the significant users of ICT (information and communications technology) in its operations, will no doubt be an important market place for mobile services...

ehotelier published on 26/11/2011

Implementing good CRM strategies helps improve profitability

There is no doubt that customers are now more powerful than they used to be. Knowing your customer is - and has been historically - a key ingredient to the success of any business, especially the hospitality industry. And that means we need to develop a relationship with customers and make them feel special, valued, and respected....

ehotelier published on 17/06/2011

Effective room forecasting is key to the hotel’s future performance

Hotel forecasting is the ultimate resource for anticipating the future performance of hotel's key metrics – occupancy, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room).

Forecasting future demand in the lodging industry is crucial because it leads to an efficient planning for, and decision making to all the departments, and most importantly it is one of the drivers of pricing...

ehotelier published on 01/03/2011

Managing  revenue in a downturn part I

In a down market, many hotel revenue managers strive with how best to manage declining demand and the pressures to reduce rate, which caused hotels to re-examine their rates and the potential value they offer. As a result, too many hotels reduce overall rates only to find that lower rates don't create demand and produce lower overall revenue...

Il fait l’actualité, Serge Chamelian crée une société de gestion des revenues hôteliers’

Il fait l’actualité, Serge Chamelian crée une société de gestion des revenues hôteliers

Le Commerce Du Levant Juillet 2010

Tailor-made pricing with Revenue Management, Dynamic Pricing for the Hotels

Dynamic pricing is an important new challenge for the hotel industry and one which can only be met with the aid of sophisticated Revenue Management technology. Achieving the best price for each room depends on many factors ranging from seasonal demand, and historical performance to the booking channel and type of guest. Finding the answers to these complex issues is the mission of Serge Chamelian, Business Development Manager for the Revenue Management unit at Amadeus. Here Serge describes why dynamic pricing is such a key issue for the industry.

Amadeus 2008