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Hotel Distribution platform connections:

- Global Distribution System (GDS)

- Central Reservation System (CRS)

- Web Booking Engine (WBE)

- Channel Manager

- Global Commision Processing Tool

- Internet Distribution System (IDS)


Through periodic and contemporary publications, we keep the hospitality and tourism industry informed about the latest trends and industry related
issues to bring you critical and valuable intelligence that will affect your business, now and in the future.


h-hotelier in collaboration with REDGlobal Group LLC offers hospitality professionnals and students an opportunity to manage a hotel from the GM’s chair or the corporate office and to fully grasp the total hotel picture via an online simulation platform.

The tool provides skills and outlooks that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the user while at the same time preparing them for broader responsibilities.  


driving bookings through social media

Being present on social media sites is a given. Each platform has its own characteristics, driving and targeting various consumer segments....

changing consumer habits in restaurants

n December 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US unveiled a list of new rules that will require chain restaurants to post calorie counts for the food they sell. A couple of month ago we launched a survey nationwide analyzing these new rules....

the age of technology

The entire hospitality indistry is going mobile, with the technologies that effectively engage customers having a positive impact on businesses. Serge Chamelian, H-Hotelier managing director explains....