Business Intelligence



h-enigma is an advanced Business Intelligence Application – BIA – designed to help managers at the hotel level taking appropriate business decisions on the fly.  It is at the same time a very useful tool for top level management in hotel chains, giving them insights into the PMS database of their hotels, reflecting business and demand trends and showing the impact of any business strategy that might have been adopted.  

In less than 1 day, the application can be set up, giving the managers access to all their historical figures stored in the PMS database.  H-enigma is a web-based application and is built around simplicity and user friendliness in mind, while keeping its rich aspect as one of its main strong points.



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Business Analytics



- h-enigma is a web-based, multi-property, multi-currency, multi-pms, multi-lingual, fully automated reporting tool. It has the ability to consolidate up to 50 hotels under one cluster.

- The installation of h-enigma is done in less than a day, and once installed, gives you instant access to data of past years and that of the future. You don't need to wait a whole year to cumulate data; h-enigma reads directly from your PMS at the time of installation and displays the information in your web browser.

  • - Tailor made ‘Special reports’ can be prepared to suit the company's needs.
  • h-enigma has different levels of access : Corporate and Hotel.
  • - h-enigma application can be customized to the company in terms of logo, and user personalized links.
  • - Collects data seamlessly from your PMS, including but not limited to, budget, events, reservations, and performance figures.
  • - Is a Live application: Ability to upload the PMS data to h-enigma’s platform as many times as the user wishes during the same day.
  • - Ready to use application: On the same day of the installation, h-enigma can start forecasting the occupancy of the hotel and start suggesting the Price of the Day. The forecasting models are built as the PMS data is being integrated into h-enigma.
  • Is SMS enabled: Ability to automatically send the hotels performance figures by SMS text messaging to selected group of users.
  • - CRM-RM: h-enigma is the only BI application available on the market today that can suggest a price of the day for a given customer, based on the historical information of that customer.
  • Reads all the PMS stored data: Ability to recover all the historical information from the PMS at the time of the installation.
  • - Very user friendly application: Rich in charts and tables; all the user options are available at a single click. Printing to pdf, exporting to excel, and emailing reports directly.
  • - No license fees. h-enigma is a pay as you use application.
  • - Most of the reports are detailed under four different axis and arranged in a set of comparative models.
  • Data capturing can be user triggered, making the visualization of the reservations' portfolio a live task.

Revenue Management



- Dashboard and Alerts

- Patterns, Details, and Reservations

- Forecast Report

- Rates Recommendation

- Rate Shopping

- Marketing Report